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UK Connect

Point-to-Point Wireless Bridging

Multi-Gigabit mmWave connectivity without any need for cabling

Don’t let distance get in the way of network connections

Looking for fast and reliable Internet Connectivity but hindered by distance, wayleave issues and high costs? Our wireless bridging service is the solution you need. We offer a variety of Connectivity options for businesses, with link distances spanning from metres to tens of kilometres, and throughputs of up to 20Gbps. Say goodbye to Connectivity obstacles with our super-fast and reliable wireless bridging service.

Say goodbye to cables

Cost-effective alternative to fixed-line broadband for locations where cabling is challenging.

Multiple-use cases

Connect estates, developments and enterprise locations seamlessly. It's versatile enough to support temporary event spaces or serve as a resilient back-up line.

Temporary Internet connection

Ideal for short-term Internet Connectivity needs when the primary connection is not available.

Connecting the Disconnected.


Customer sites

In the past year, we've successfully connected over 1400 sites across various sectors with our comprehensive range of Connectivity solutions.

Sectors powered by UK Connect

Our Connectivity solutions power growth across diverse industries ranging from Construction, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics to many more.

Years of experience

We bring 10+ years of expertise in Connectivity solutions to help customers feel confident in their choice of provider.
Featured Project
Featured Project
Extreme E employ Point-to-Point Wireless Bridging Connectivity to supercharge racing series
Managed Connectivity
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High-speed wireless bridging for uninterrupted Connectivity

Get lightning-fast Internet and network connections without the hassle and cost of cabled connections. Our Point-to-Point Wireless Bridging service uses advanced Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to deliver fibre-like Connectivity through the air, covering everything from site-to-site and even the hardest-to-reach places. Our solution is backed by the industry's leading manufacturers and powered by Siklu, with the world's largest selection of mmWave products. From design to deployment and ongoing support, we've got you covered.

No Internet coverage? No problem!

Links up to 30km
High speeds up to 20Gbps
Low-latency connection
Full link survey service provided
Full UK coverage
24/7 support
Fast deployment
Low-cost alternative to fixed-line service

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