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Case study

Extreme E employ Point-to-Point Wireless Bridging Connectivity to supercharge racing series

Overcoming remote location challenges to deliver high-speed Internet for Extreme E Race on the Jurassic Coast


When the Extreme E team prepared for the thrilling UK leg of the race on the rugged Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England, they faced a formidable challenge. They needed to establish a robust broadband infrastructure for internal communications and seamless streaming of vehicle data to media camps.

However, the remote and isolated nature of the track, nestled within an army base in a valley, presented significant obstacles to achieving reliable Connectivity.


Defying Connectivity limits

UK Connect partnered with local Internet providers, leveraging Siklu's T260 and N366 technology. Our cutting-edge Point-to-Point wireless bridging solution surpassed location limitations, delivering remarkable results for the Extreme E event.

Innovative tower design

Our skilled team crafted a bespoke tower, capturing stable connections and transmitting broadband signals to T260 terminal points using N366 nodes. Comprehensive Internet coverage was ensured, defying the challenges of the area.

Seamless Connectivity

Overcoming remote terrain challenges, our solution connected critical racecourse areas over distances of 41Km². With lightning-fast speeds of up to 20Gbps, our wireless bridging technology eliminated the need for traditional cabled connections.

Real-time insights

Our reliable and scalable broadband network empowered race teams with real-time vehicle performance data, enhancing their competitive edge and track performance through data-driven decision-making.

Uninterrupted communications

Our resilient infrastructure facilitated smooth internal communications, ensuring seamless coordination among race officials, support staff, and media teams, enhancing event management and the overall spectator experience.

Engineering excellence

Combining cutting-edge Radio Frequency (RF) technology with advanced Siklu N366 nodes and T260 terminal points, we implemented a flawless connectivity experience, surpassing expectations with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality.

Redefining Connected possibilities

UK Connect's supercharged Point-to-Point Wireless Bridging solution, powered by Siklu N366 nodes and T260 terminal points, establishes us as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional Connectivity solutions. With our dedication to innovation and reliability, we redefine the possibilities of temporary broadband solutions, empowering events like Extreme E with seamless, high-speed Internet coverage.

Complete coverage in one unit for Terragraph deployment
Siklu powered 60GHz 4-Sector wireless L2 SDN mesh Node
Siklu powered 60GHz Terminal unit radio for network synchronisation with N366 Nodes
Coverage area
Real-time monitoring
Week deployment

About Extreme E

Extreme E is a cutting-edge motorsport series that combines off-road racing with environmental awareness. Featuring electric SUVs and races in remote locations, it promotes sustainability and highlights the importance of protecting our planet. With top teams, renowned drivers, and environmental partnerships, Extreme E offers thrilling competition with a purpose.
Public Sector
"Our team swiftly devised a scalable connectivity solution for the challenging location along the Jurassic Coast. Overcoming connectivity obstacles, we provided secure, reliable, and fast connectivity to the site."

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