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Case study

Landmarc maximises mobile signal inside solid stone fort

Optimising cellular coverage for uninterrupted communication


Landmarc faced a daunting challenge as they struggled to establish reliable mobile connectivity within Tregantle fort, a Napoleonic fort constructed from solid stone. This hindered their ability to maintain effective communication with customers and colleagues, jeopardising operational efficiency.


Comprehensive RF site survey

To conquer the connectivity obstacles, UK Connect conducted a comprehensive Radio Frequency (RF) site survey to assess the Tregantle fort's existing infrastructure and determine the most effective solution. The survey revealed that the fort's solid stone walls were impeding mobile signal penetration.

Implementing the CEL-FI GO G41 Smart Signal Repeater

In response, UK Connect implemented the cutting-edge CEL-FI GO G41 Smart Signal Repeater. With its industry-leading 5G/4G/3G voice and data performance, seamless network migration capabilities, and impressive up to 100 dB gain, the GO G41 delivered unmatched signal enhancement. Recognising the scale of the site, two GO G41 units were expertly installed and augmented with strategically positioned outdoor antennas, ensuring seamless coverage throughout the fort.

Installation and deployment strategy

The swift deployment of the solution was completed within one week, providing remarkable coverage across a vast area of 300m². As part of UK Connect's commitment to delivering exceptional service, 24/7 real-time monitoring was implemented to ensure continuous optimal performance.

Consistent 5-bar mobile phone coverage

The remarkable outcome of the project is exemplified by the fort now boasting a consistent 5-bar mobile phone coverage. This breakthrough significantly improves Landmarc's operational continuity, team morale, and overall productivity within the fort, facilitating uninterrupted communication and enabling seamless collaboration throughout the entire site.

Week deployment
Coverage area
Up to 100dB gain
5G/4G/3G capabilities
Real-time monitoring
Bars of mobile phone coverage

About Landmarc

Landmarc is a trusted partner of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), a division of the Ministry of Defence. Their expertise lies in the management and operation of the UK Defence Training Estate, encompassing approximately 120 sites spread across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
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"The implementation of our system has had a profound impact on our communications, resulting in a team that is happier and more productive than ever before."

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