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Experience world-class Connectivity through our partnership with Cradlepoint. As industry leaders in Connectivity solutions, we provide reliable and secure Connectivity for your business. Our collaboration combines cutting-edge technology and expertise, ensuring exceptional performance and customer satisfaction. With industry-leading 5G routers from Cradlepoint, we deliver cellular Connectivity to drive your business forward.
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Neos Networks

Powering our Fibre Broadband solution is our trusted partnership with Neos Networks. As leaders in the industry, we collaborate to deliver high-speed and reliable connectivity that fuels your business growth. By harnessing Neos Networks' extensive fibre network infrastructure, we ensure seamless and efficient data transmission for your organisation. With their advanced technology and expertise, we provide a robust and secure broadband solution to meet your needs.
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Ruckus Networks

Experience next-level Wi-Fi solutions through our strategic partnership with Ruckus Networks. Together, we deliver unparalleled wireless Connectivity, leveraging their industry-leading technology and innovative approach. Trust in our collaboration to create robust, high-performance Wi-Fi networks that cater to your unique needs, providing seamless Connectivity and exceptional user experiences.
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Unlock the potential of high-speed wireless bridging with our strategic partnership with Siklu. By harnessing their cutting-edge technology and expertise, we deliver reliable and secure point-to-point wireless solutions that redefine Connectivity possibilities. Experience lightning-fast data transmission, increased network capacity and extended coverage range, empowering your organisation with seamless Connectivity across even the most challenging environments.
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Boost your network security with our strategic partnership with SonicWall. Together, we provide robust and comprehensive security solutions that safeguard your digital assets and protect against evolving cyber threats. By leveraging SonicWall's industry-leading technology and expertise, we deliver a secure networking environment that ensures uninterrupted Connectivity and peace of mind for your organisation. Experience enhanced threat detection, advanced firewall protection, and seamless integration with our collaborative solution.
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Enhance your In-Building Mobile Coverage with our partnership with Cel-Fi. By leveraging Cel-Fi's advanced technology, we deliver reliable and high-quality cellular coverage solutions that eliminate dead zones and improve Connectivity within your premises. Our collaborative solution ensures seamless voice and data communication, enabling your employees and customers to stay connected and productive.
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Experience unparalleled Connectivity through UK Connect's strategic partnership with Peplink. Our collaboration harnesses cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver exceptional performance and customer satisfaction. With Peplink's advanced 5G routers including LTE capability at the core of our solutions, ensure you remain connected even when a 5G signal is not available.
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UK Connect's partnership with Cradlepoint, now part of Ericsson, drives innovation from Carrier Core to Enterprise Edge. With Cradlepoint's leadership in the Wireless WAN (WWAN) market transition, supported by 5G and mobile operators, this collaboration accelerates 5G and WWAN adoption. By leveraging Ericsson's expertise in cellular infrastructure, 5G innovation, edge computing, and network slicing, UK Connect optimises enterprise evolution and simplifies Connectivity solutions.
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Take your business into the digital age with a private wireless network that brings reliable, low-latency connectivity to every inch of your operations. Through our partnership with Nokia, our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution will help you use digital technologies to increase automation, ensure safety and security, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency and productivity.
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Where other business Internet coverage stops, our partnership with Viasat keeps businesses going. Viasat connects businesses to fast, reliable satellite Internet in areas where other options are slow, unavailable or affordable. Enabling you to connect all your critical business applications such as VoIP, payment processing, cloud and email.
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Embrace the next level of Connectivity with UK Connect's partnership with Ligowave. Our advanced wireless networking solutions are powered by Ligowave's industry-leading technology, delivering high-performance, reliable, and secure Connectivity to transform your business operations. With our tailored Ligowave-based solutions, meet the growing demand for Wi-Fi access and secure data.
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Ark Data Centres

UK Connect and Ark connects you to the fastest networks in the country. Our hyper-connected data centres let you connect to your customers, your data, your business through the best, most reliable and fastest fibre path. Choose your carrier, enjoy cloud Connectivity both on and off-campus, and experience high-quality service with low latency and resilient high-bandwidth options.
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UK Connect via its partnership with OneWeb combines extensive satellite access and expansive terrestrial capacity to deliver best-fit, reliable, interoperable Connectivity solutions. Rural or hard to reach locations especially cannot access broadband Connectivity (min 25Mbps) others rely on for interactive, simultaneous communications at work, at school, for health, or for home. UK Connect and OneWeb work together to improve the world’s access to information.
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