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Case study

Kier Group transforming Construction operations with cutting-edge Connectivity

Seamless Cellular Broadband & Wi-Fi for 400+ Kier Group Construction sites


Kier Group, the country's largest construction and infrastructure provider, faced a significant challenge in meeting the evolving connectivity needs at their construction sites. As technology advancements and data demands increased, their existing 3G/4G solution struggled to deliver reliable and high-speed connectivity to users at the network's edge. The need for a modern, scalable, and robust connectivity solution became crucial to support their construction operations efficiently.


Strategic partnership for reliable and tailored Connectivity

Recognising the importance of reliable and seamless connectivity, Kier Group embarked on a search for a strategic partner to address their connectivity challenges. They selected UK Connect through a rigourous tender process as their exclusive national partner. Through this partnership, UK Connect deployed cutting-edge Cellular Broadband and Wi-Fi solutions tailored to the construction industry's unique requirements.

Empowering Construction site Connectivity

UK Connect revolutionised Kier Group's approach to connectivity by leveraging advanced technology to empower construction site operations. The deployment focused on two key technology solutions: 5G Cellular Broadband and Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).

  1. 5G Cellular Broadband: UK Connect implemented Cradlepoint's E3000 and R1900 routers, renowned for their exceptional build quality, advanced routing features, and outstanding performance. Rigorous spectrum analysis conducted by Radio Frequency (RF) engineers ensured that the most suitable mobile network operator and external antenna were selected for each construction site. This meticulous approach guaranteed that every site received the highest available bandwidth, enabling seamless connectivity for construction teams.
  2. Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi): To address the need for reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity, UK Connect deployed Ruckus Wireless' cutting-edge Ruckus 650 range of Access Points. These access points offered native support for IoT technologies, including ZigBee, BLE, and LoRa. By utilising Ruckus Wireless' innovative networks, Kier Group sites experienced seamless Wi-Fi deployment, providing a robust wireless infrastructure to support their on-site operations and digital workflows.

Comprehensive Connectivity solutions

The partnership between Kier Group and UK Connect went beyond deploying Cellular Broadband and Wi-Fi. UK Connect offered a comprehensive suite of services, including WLAN technologies, advanced threat detection, and core networking capabilities at the edge. This holistic approach provided reliable connectivity, enhanced security, and improved network management to Kier Group's construction sites.

Thanks to this collaboration, over 400 sites experienced transformative connectivity improvements. UK Connect's cutting-edge solutions addressed infrastructure challenges and increased data demands, enabling reliable, high-speed connectivity for construction teams. Leveraging 5G Cellular Broadband and advanced Wi-Fi networks, Kier Group benefited from enhanced communication, streamlined operations, and improved digital workflows.

This partnership not only fulfilled immediate connectivity needs but also laid the foundation for future scalability and growth. UK Connect's managed connectivity solutions positioned Kier Group at the forefront of digital transformation, ensuring a seamless and connected construction future.

UK sites connected
Maximum 2 Gbps Firewall throughput
Low/Mid Band, Cat 18/20 LTE & 2.5 GbE WAN Connectivity
Wi-Fi 6, Gbe, SFP+ & Bluetooth wireless technology for LAN Connectivity
NetCloud Management
Indoor Access Point key features Inc. peak data rates up to 2974 Mbps, manages up to 512 client connections, 2.5GbE Ethernet & built-in IoT radios with onboard Bluetooth Low Energy & Zigbee capabilities
Real-time monitoring
Week deployment

About Kier Group

Kier Group is a UK construction powerhouse renowned for its size and scale, delivering iconic projects that shape communities. From residential to commercial and public infrastructure, their commitment to excellence drives innovation and sustainability. Trusted by clients nationwide, Kier Group propels the construction industry forward with transformative solutions.
"UK Connect's innovative connectivity solutions have revolutionised our construction sites, enabling seamless communication, enhanced productivity, and streamlined operations. Their expertise and reliable support have been instrumental in our digital transformation journey."

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