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Wireless Connectivity

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Wireless Connectivity

In-Building Cellular

Boost your indoor mobile coverage with our DAS solution ensuring full coverage on all four major networks
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Struggling with poor mobile coverage inside your building?

Compliance assurance

Ofcom compliant and license-exempt, our solution offers legally sound coverage that fully adheres to UK regulations, ensuring your peace of mind.

Reliable communication

Boost indoor mobile signals with our advanced technology that addresses issues from modern structures and remote locations, ensuring consistent communication and IoT device functionality.

Enhanced productivity

Boost IoT device signal for seamless operations and increased revenue, with guaranteed Connectivity for payment machines, tablets and more.

Full coverage backed by all major UK networks

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How the solution works

In partnership with Nextivity, leaders in smart mobile coverage technology, we utilise their CEL-FI systems to enhance wireless signals. Our solution involves an external antenna that captures the strongest available signal, which is then boosted and redistributed indoors by a booster unit through an internal antenna, ensuring clear calls and robust data connections.

Boosting Indoor Mobile Signal: In-Building Mobile Coverage in Action
Demystifying In-Building Mobile Coverage: Your Essential Guide
Boosting Indoor Mobile Signal: In-Building Mobile Coverage in Action
Demystifying In-Building Mobile Coverage: Your Essential Guide

No mobile coverage? No problem!

Supports 3G/4G/5G
All networks supported
Network safe
Fast deployment
Full UK coverage
Flexible contracts
No wireless inteference
24/7 support
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Our Connectivity solutions power growth across diverse industries ranging from Construction, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics to many more.
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Our expert team is always on hand to provide exceptional service delivery, I.T. support, account management and after-sales care, ensuring you receive the best possible support for your Connectivity solutions.
Featured Project
Featured Project
Landmarc maximises mobile signal inside solid stone fort
Wireless Connectivity
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