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Zero-touch Cloud-managed Wi-Fi with all-inclusive coverage & fewer support calls

Secure & reliable Wi-Fi connectivity

Don't let the hassle of costly, time-consuming Wi-Fi deployments slow down your business. Our zero-touch configuration Wi-Fi service takes care of everything, from network design to deployment, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Get your business up and running with lightning-fast Wi-Fi in no time with our expertly managed solution.

Visibility & control from anywhere

Manage all your WLANs, APs and clients across multiple sites in one place with real-time and historical data on applications, traffic and clients.

Comprehensive coverage

Powerful Wi-Fi with no more dead zones, thanks to the latest Wi-Fi standard and complete Radio Frequency (RF) design.

Zero-I.T. activation

Simplify secure network access by allowing users to self-activate their devices without any manual configuration needed.

Connecting the Disconnected.


Customer sites

In the past year, we've successfully connected over 1400 sites across various sectors with our comprehensive range of Connectivity solutions.

Years of experience

We bring 10+ years of expertise in Connectivity solutions to help customers feel confident in their choice of provider.

Cyber Essentials certified

When it comes to our Connectivity solutions, we understand the importance of protecting sensitive information. That's why we have measures in place to ensure everything is fully secure. You can trust us to keep your data safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.
Featured Project
Featured Project
Kier Group transforming Construction operations with cutting-edge Connectivity
Managed Connectivity
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Expert Wi-Fi deployment for any sector

Get connected everywhere with our hassle-free Wi-Fi solution. From laptops to IoT devices, we've got you covered. Our expert team will take care of everything from survey to deployment, so you can focus on what really matters - your business. Partnering with Ruckus Wireless, we deliver the world's most advanced networks to ensure reliable and seamless Connectivity for all your needs. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi headaches and hello to hassle-free Connectivity.

Keeping you connected

RF Survey included
Zero-touch deployments
The latest Wi-Fi standards
IoT devices supported
Multi-site dashboards
User analytics
Full UK coverage
24/7 support

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