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Why UK Connect

Wireless Connectivity

Cutting-edge managed Connectivity 
to outpace competition

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smarter IoT from sensors to analytics, optimising costs

Professional Services

Consultancy & project management for effective solution deployment

Managed I.T. Support

Leave your I.T. worries behind with our comprehensive Managed I.T. Support 
solutions - covering everything from end-users to infrastructure
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Wireless Connectivity

Enterprise-grade, wireless Connectivity solutions keeping your business connected anywhere, anytime

Explore our comprehensive range of connectivity solutions designed to keep your business connected and operational

5G Fixed Wireless Access

Fast, reliable & Enterprise-Grade 5G cellular connectivity - from remote locations to dense urban areas

Satellite Communications

Experience high-speed, low-latency connectivity from space — available everywhere, anytime

Private Cellular Networks

Accelerate digital transformation with high-speed, secure 4G & 5G connectivity designed for industrial use. Easy to order, install, and manage

In-Building Cellular

Boost your indoor mobile coverage with our DAS solution ensuring full coverage on all four UK networks


Experience all-inclusive, hassle-free Wi-Fi coverage with fewer support calls, powered by Cloud management

Wireless Bridging

Experience multi-gigabit connectivity with no cabling required
Featured Project
Featured Project
Empowering Cala Group with seamless 5G connectivity
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Empowering Cala Group with seamless 5G connectivity

Featured Projects

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