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Case study

Empowering Cala Group with seamless 5G connectivity

Transforming construction connectivity through an exclusive national contract


Cala Group, a prominent housebuilder, faced a significant challenge with traditional wired infrastructure, where the installation process for Copper and Fibre Broadband often stretched out over months. These lengthy delays hampered communication, collaboration, and productivity on construction sites, leading to project timeline setbacks and operational inefficiencies. Cala Group sought a reliable and efficient connectivity solution that would revolutionise their construction sites and enable fast, seamless communication across all locations.


Transforming Construction site Connectivity with Cradlepoint's R1900 series 5G routers

UK Connect revolutionised Cala Group's construction site connectivity with its cutting-edge Cellular Broadband solution, enabling them to overcome the delays and limitations of traditional wired infrastructure. By leveraging the power of cellular technology, Cala Group experienced a remarkable transformation in their connectivity capabilities.

At the heart of this solution was the implementation of Cradlepoint's state-of-the-art R1900 series 5G Enterprise-Grade routers. Renowned for their exceptional wireless Edge solutions, these routers delivered unmatched performance, reliability, and connectivity across all Cala Group sites.

Accelerated deployment and enhanced project timelines

The adoption of the Cellular Broadband solution brought numerous benefits to Cala Group. One of the significant advantages was the accelerated deployment of construction site offices and sales suites, eliminating the months-long wait typically associated with traditional wired connectivity. With the streamlined process enabled by the Cellular Broadband solution, Cala Group's teams were able to swiftly start their work, enhancing overall project timelines and driving operational efficiency.

Scalable and future-proof Connectivity infrastructure

Moreover, the Cellular Broadband solution provided Cala Group with a scalable and future-proof connectivity infrastructure. By removing the reliance on wired connections, Cala Group gained the flexibility to adapt and expand their network as their requirements evolved. This ensured seamless communication and collaboration across all construction sites, regardless of their size or location.

Robust and reliable Connectivity

The deployment of Cradlepoint's R1900 routers played a pivotal role in delivering robust and reliable connectivity across all Cala Group sites. These advanced routers offered high-performance wireless connections, effectively supporting the bandwidth demands of construction operations. With superior coverage and stability, the R1900 routers empowered Cala Group's teams to stay connected, access critical information, and collaborate seamlessly throughout their construction sites.

Exclusive national partnership

As a result of the remarkable progress achieved since 2018, Cala Group signed an exclusive national contract with UK Connect in 2022. This contract solidified the long-standing partnership and highlighted the transformative impact of UK Connect's Cellular Broadband solution. Moving forward, Cala Group can continue to rely on UK Connect's cutting-edge technology and expertise, ensuring unparalleled connectivity and empowering their construction teams to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency.

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Cala Group

Cala Group is a leading construction company with a strong presence across multiple regions in the UK. Known for their exceptional homes and developments, Cala Group combines quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on the latest technologies and sustainable practices, they deliver sustainable and future-proof developments.
"UK Connect's Cellular Broadband solution ensures reliable day-one connectivity, playing a crucial role in enhancing our operations."

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