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The power of 5G connectivity in Construction: Unlocking efficiency & safety

The past few years have seen a seismic change in the Construction industry’s perception of digitisation. What's going to happen next?

The Construction industry, once hesitant, has now wholeheartedly embraced digitisation, recognising the significant benefits it brings to the table.

From safeguarding personal data with on-site safety software to improving data capture through Asset Information Management platforms, the industry is experiencing tangible bottom-line advantages.

However, as we navigate a new regulatory framework, it becomes imperative for developers and contractors in the UK to accelerate their digital adoption to remain competitive. Nonetheless, the lack of standardisation and inconsistent connectivity pose challenges that hinder overall digital implementation, directly impacting construction journey efficiency.

This is where the gradual rollout of 5G and complementary Wi-Fi 6 technology has the potential to revolutionise the industry. As one of the few certified providers of this transformative connectivity, we have already witnessed its game-changing impact on-site. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why establishing 5G capability across all projects should be a core component of every contractor's digital strategy and business plan.

5G, the next generation of wireless technology

5G is the collective term for a new generation of wireless technologies and infrastructures that surpasses the capabilities of the widely used 4G technology in the UK. With its enhanced mobile broadband speeds and seamless connectivity to multiple IoT devices, 5G is set to revolutionise the construction industry. By ensuring uninterrupted on-site connectivity, it mitigates lag and drop in connection speeds, enabling a more efficient and productive work environment.

Meeting the demands of a data-driven industry

As the construction industry embraces a more precision-led and data-intensive framework, there is a growing demand for technology that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and risk reduction. 5G unlocks a wide array of high-performance digital options for contractors, empowering them to optimise the building process. It enables the seamless operation of data-hungry applications that have become integral to modern construction sites. Consequently, contractors can effectively track energy usage, reduce waste, identify real-time health and safety issues, and instantly update large files from handheld devices. Furthermore, real-time updates and improved data harnessing overcome the limitations imposed by slow and unreliable broadband speeds.

The power of 5G connectivity in Construction: Unlocking efficiency & safety
The power of 5G connectivity in Construction: Unlocking efficiency & safety
The power of 5G connectivity in Construction: Unlocking efficiency & safety

5G and Wi-Fi 6: A winning combination

To truly embrace the digital future, the introduction of 5G is pivotal for the UK construction industry. By combining 5G with Wi-Fi 6, another recent broadband standard, and powerful 4G LTE, contractors can achieve unparalleled connectivity. Wi-Fi 6 provides supercharged speeds within structures, while 5G excels in outdoor environments. Synchronised deployment ensures consistent connection speeds regardless of staff location, even across extensive construction sites. This synchronisation significantly enhances workflow efficiency, resulting in shorter project timelines, reduced costs, and decreased carbon emissions due to decreased energy expenditure during the construction process.

Improving safety and compliance

5G has the potential to raise the bar for on-site health and safety practices. Emerging technologies, such as vehicle movement management systems and heart rate monitoring for staff working at heights, demonstrate the vast possibilities. Additionally, with the introduction of new comprehensive building legislation like the Building Safety Bill and Fire Safety Act, the industry faces increased transparency and compliance requirements. Successful implementation of digital tools that improve data capture, information gathering and compliance management is crucial. Reliable connection speeds and internet connectivity, such as those offered by 5G, are essential for ensuring the effective operation of these systems.

Embracing a connected future

We are currently at an exciting and dynamic phase in terms of connectivity. The full potential of 5G is just starting to be realised. As 5G infrastructure becomes more readily available on the market, it is essential for contractors to seriously consider incorporating it as an integral part of their on-site setup. Those who embrace this technology will take the right steps towards future success, enabling them to work quicker, smarter and safer. The choice is clear: lead the way into a digital future or risk being left behind.

Conclusion: Embracing the digital revolution in Construction

The Construction industry has undergone a remarkable digital transformation, embracing technologies that enhance efficiency, accuracy and safety. However, Connectivity challenges continue to hinder widespread digital adoption, limiting the industry's potential for growth. The advent of 5G connectivity, combined with Wi-Fi 6, presents an unparalleled opportunity to overcome these challenges.

By leveraging the power of 5G, contractors can unlock the full potential of high-performance digital solutions, revolutionise on-site operations and elevate safety and compliance practices. As the Construction industry continues to evolve, incorporating 5G connectivity into digital strategies and business plans is a strategic imperative for success in the digital age.

The power of 5G connectivity in Construction: Unlocking efficiency & safety
The power of 5G connectivity in Construction: Unlocking efficiency & safety
The power of 5G connectivity in Construction: Unlocking efficiency & safety

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