A new look and website.
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UK Connect

A new look and website. Same passion for Connectivity

We have unveiled a vibrant new brand and website showcasing our evolution and commitment to Connectivity

UK Connect, a leading provider of advanced wireless connectivity solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its vibrant new brand and website.

This exciting development reflects the evolution of UK Connect and aligns with the company's customer-centric, forward-thinking and inclusive approach.

July 2023

Renewed vision and purpose

Following years of successful growth, UK Connect embarks on a comprehensive three-year plan in 2023, renewing its vision, purpose, and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Collaborating closely with creative agency Kyan, UK Connect has shaped a new visual identity that embodies its growth, ambition and dedication to bridging the Connectivity gap.

Fraser Ruthven, UK Connect's Head of Marketing, expressed how the rebrand embodies the new brand values that are at the heart of the company. He stated: "We wanted to create a new visual identity that truly reflects our brand values of thinking differently, collective expertise, and getting things done. This new look represents the vision of UK Connect as a forward-thinking employer, a sector champion and a dedicated business that assists customers in overcoming connectivity challenges."

Since the last major brand refresh in 2018, UK Connect has experienced significant growth, delivering approximately 3,000+ Connectivity projects per year across various sectors, including construction, public services and warehousing and logistics.

A new look and website. Same passion for Connectivity
A new look and website. Same passion for Connectivity
A new look and website. Same passion for Connectivity

Embodying Connectivity

The refreshed branding moves away from the well-known orange and black colour scheme to embody Connectivity with simplicity, confidence, quality, modern media and accessibility in mind.

The fresh brand approach perfectly aligns with the exciting direction UK Connect is moving towards. Our solution range has undergone a remarkable evolution, expanding from four core solutions to an impressive 20+ offerings. This significant increase enables us to cater to a much wider range of customers across multiple locations, solidifying UK Connect's position as a prominent leader in the industry.

Launch of a revamped website

As the first application of the new brand, UK Connect is proud to present its revamped website, offering an enhanced user experience. The website showcases UK Connect's expertise through compelling case studies, highlighting successful solutions for some of the country's leading companies. In addition, visitors can explore a wealth of resources to help achieve their business goals and stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the Connectivity and Tech industries.

Commitment to accessibility and inclusivity

The new brand and website reflects UK Connect's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that the brand identity is modern, relevant, accessible and inclusive.

The refreshed brand has already been rolled out across digital channels, with a phased internal and external deployment planned over the next 12 months to minimise waste.

Join the conversation and share your images of our new brand and website on our social channels @ukconnect.

A new look and website. Same passion for Connectivity
A new look and website. Same passion for Connectivity
A new look and website. Same passion for Connectivity

About UK Connect

With a rich background in the Construction industry, UK Connect has been a trusted Connectivity provider since 2013. Our expertise extends across various sectors including Public Services, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Logistics, Mining and more. Discover how our comprehensive Connectivity solutions can elevate your business at www.ukconnect.com.

For all media-related enquiries, contact marketing@ukconnect.com.

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"It is a very exciting time to be at UK Connect. We have a clear vision for the future, a strong focus on customer experience and what we believe to be an unrivalled culture. We know our positive impact goes way beyond our Connectivity solutions and this brand truly reflects what it means to be part of that."
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