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UK Connect

Strengthening Connectivity: UK Connect's partnership with Cradlepoint

Working together on a mission to provide cutting-edge wireless Connectivity solutions

At UK Connect, we take pride in our commitment to delivering advanced 4/5G wireless connectivity solutions to various industries.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of connectivity is significantly bolstered by our strong partnership with Cradlepoint, an industry leader in cloud-managed LTE and 5G solutions. In this article, we will take a closer look at Cradlepoint and how their innovative technology, extensive network and global reach have become integral to our mission of providing cutting-edge wireless connectivity solutions.

Cradlepoint: A glimpse into their world

Cradlepoint, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson and a key component of their Enterprise Wireless Solutions business unit, has been revolutionising the world of wireless connectivity since its inception in 2006. With its headquarters based in Boise, Idaho, and over 30,000 active customers worldwide, Cradlepoint is at the forefront of delivering reliable, secure, and agile Wireless WANs (WWAN) and private cellular networks.

Key facts about Cradlepoint

Here are some fast facts about Cradlepoint that demonstrate their impressive growth and industry leadership:

30,000+ Active Customers: Cradlepoint's extensive customer base highlights the trust and reliability that their solutions offer.

2.3M Endpoints Under Subscription: The sheer number of endpoints under subscription reflects their significant impact on businesses globally.

Robust Year-on-Year Growth: Cradlepoint has consistently demonstrated remarkable growth year after year, showcasing their commitment to innovation and quality.

Worldwide Leader in LTE and 5G: As a global leader in LTE- and 5G-enabled enterprise network solutions, Cradlepoint is consistently setting industry standards.

 Strengthening Connectivity: UK Connect's partnership with Cradlepoint
 Strengthening Connectivity: UK Connect's partnership with Cradlepoint
 Strengthening Connectivity: UK Connect's partnership with Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint's Reach and Impact

Cradlepoint's influence and reach extend across a multitude of sectors, including:

  • In-Vehicle Networking: Offering seamless connectivity for vehicles on the move.
  • Smart Cities: Enabling the infrastructure of the future.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Providing crucial support for the IoT ecosystem.
  • Fixed-Site Wireless Networking: Delivering connectivity solutions for permanent installations.
  • Private Cellular Networks: Enhancing network security and performance.
  • Dedicated Public Safety Networks: Ensuring secure and reliable communication for public safety agencies.

5G innovation for Next-Generation Enterprise Networks

One of Cradlepoint's standout features is its commitment to 5G innovation. They empower channel partners like UK Connect to transform customer networks and businesses with the industry's most comprehensive 5G portfolio. Their solutions include purpose-built endpoints and NetCloud Service subscriptions with flexible terms (1-, 3-, or 5-year options).

  • 5G Enterprise-Class Router (E3000)
  • Ruggedised 5G Mobile Router (R1900)
  • 5G Wideband Indoor Brand Adapter (W1850)
  • 5G Wideband Outdoor Brand Adapter (W2005 & W4005)
  • MC400-5GB: A versatile 5G modem for various applications.

Global presence, industry recognition and serving the world

Cradlepoint's international offices in the United States, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, India and Latin America underscore their commitment to global connectivity. Their presence in these regions enhances the accessibility of their solutions and services, ensuring businesses worldwide can benefit from their technology. Cradlepoint's leadership team is widely recognised for its global expertise. Their pioneering work in bringing 5G to enterprise branches has earned them industry accolades, including the "Most Innovative 4G/5G Service" award at the Leading Lights Awards in 2022. Furthermore, Cradlepoint's technology serves a diverse range of clients, including 6,000 public safety agencies, 40% of the Fortune 500, 50% of the Fortune 100, 75% of the top global retailers, and operates in over 50 countries worldwide.

Cradlepoint's innovative edge: Fuelling UK Connect's leadership in Connectivity

Our partnership with Cradlepoint strengthens our commitment to providing advanced 4/5G wireless connectivity solutions to various industries. Cradlepoint's innovative technology, extensive network, and global recognition have been pivotal in our mission. Together with Cradlepoint, UK Connect is at the forefront of delivering reliable, secure, and agile wireless connectivity, helping businesses connect more experiences, explore new ways to work and achieve improved business results. This partnership truly embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration, ensuring that we continue to provide cutting-edge connectivity solutions to our clients.

 Strengthening Connectivity: UK Connect's partnership with Cradlepoint
 Strengthening Connectivity: UK Connect's partnership with Cradlepoint
 Strengthening Connectivity: UK Connect's partnership with Cradlepoint

About UK Connect

Established in January 2013, UK Connect has become the UK's leading advanced wireless connectivity solutions provider, predominantly serving the construction industry. The company has connected over 5,500 sites globally with its advanced Wireless 5GFWA, Private Cellular Networks and LeoSat Solutions. UK Connect's success is built on a foundation of a Connectivity guarantee, 10 years of dependability, proactive 24/7 Support and the utilisation of Cutting-edge Technology. Discover how our comprehensive Connectivity solutions can elevate your business at www.ukconnect.com.

For all media-related enquiries, contact marketing@ukconnect.com.

About Cradlepoint

Based in Boise, Idaho, Cradlepoint is a visionary company dedicated to helping customers Connect Beyond the confines of traditional wired networks. With a focus on leveraging the full potential of LTE and 5G cellular networks, Cradlepoint delivers an agile, dependable, and widespread Wireless WAN edge. To learn more about their innovative solutions, visit www.cradlepoint.com.

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"Our partnership with Cradlepoint enables us to redefine industry connectivity and drive business success through innovative 4/5G solutions."
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