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Enhancing Network reliability with automatic failover solutions

How LTE and 5G wireless links can prevent Network downtime

Wide area network (WAN) downtime is a costly affair, with an average price tag of £250,000 to £350,000 per hour in 2022, as per a 2023 ITIC survey.  

In an increasingly connected world, businesses and services rely heavily on dependable WAN connectivity, and this reliance will only grow as applications, essential services and data migrate to the cloud.

The importance of Automatic Failover

Fortunately, there are highly flexible and automatic failover solutions available that can provide the highest levels of network reliability. The most robust of these solutions include wireless broadband links. These systems are designed to seamlessly switch to a secondary backup link, ensuring the network and business stay online, even in the face of unforeseen events such as construction accidents or natural disasters.

Beyond traditional wired backup

Traditionally, many organisations have relied on wired links for backup connectivity. However, since these wired connections often share the same physical infrastructure, the risk of a catastrophic failure isn't entirely eliminated. To take network reliability to the next level, consider the addition of an LTE or 5G wireless link for automatic failover.

Enhancing Network reliability with automatic failover solutions
Enhancing Network reliability with automatic failover solutions
Enhancing Network reliability with automatic failover solutions

Enhanced Network resilience

Apart from providing enhanced backup capabilities, cellular broadband links offer several other benefits for network resilience. Here are a few key advantages:

1. Improved Link Diversity: Employing both wired and wireless connections reduces the risk of downtime. Some organisations take it a step further by introducing a third link or hardware redundancy through multiple routers.

2. Carrier Diversity: Automatic failover can be expanded to include another cellular link from a different carrier. With two wireless connections from separate infrastructures, the likelihood of both failing simultaneously is significantly reduced.

3. Bandwidth Augmentation: Policies can be set to enhance bandwidth by simultaneously utilising both links. This feature proves particularly valuable for handling traffic spikes, with the automatic execution ensuring that customers and staff experience minimal disruption.

4. Secure Alternative Access: Wireless links offer a secure alternative access point for network and IT operations, enabling Out-of-Band Management, maintenance and troubleshooting of networking equipment.

Network outages resulting from unforeseen circumstances like construction accidents, hardware failures, or configuration errors are unpredictable. However, eliminating downtime is attainable through the implementation of an LTE or 5G automatic failover solution.

Discover UK Connect's Business Network Continuity solution

To learn more about how UK Connect's Business Network Continuity service can help combat network downtime and enhance your organisation's network resilience, please visit our website or contact us today. Your business continuity and uninterrupted connectivity are our top priority.

Enhancing Network reliability with automatic failover solutions
Enhancing Network reliability with automatic failover solutions
Enhancing Network reliability with automatic failover solutions

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"Incorporating LTE and 5G automatic failover solutions into your network not only prevents costly downtime but also ensures unmatched reliability and resilience for today's data-dependent enterprises."
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