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Cala Homes digitally reinducts 15,500 UK site workers with One.site

Streamlined training and compliance management: Empowering workforce inductions for a digital workforce


As Cala Homes implemented updates to their ways of working, they faced a monumental challenge: re-inducting thousands of workers across numerous UK sites. Conducting traditional face-to-face inductions would have presented logistical complexities and consumed valuable time, jeopardising productivity and efficiency.


Digitising the Induction process

To digitise and expedite the induction process, Cala through its partnership with UK Connect embraced the transformative power of One.site. This comprehensive digital workforce management solution offered a seamless transition from traditional methods to an efficient online platform, empowering Cala to streamline their re-induction programme.

Creating engaging Induction videos

Working hand-in-hand with the One.site team, Cala harnessed the platform's capabilities to create compelling induction videos hosted within the One.site app. These engaging videos were then distributed to the workforce, who were invited to access the Cloud-based application, watch the induction videos, and respond to pertinent questions.

Enhanced visibility and tracking

By leveraging One.site, Cala achieved remarkable outcomes that revolutionised their workforce management process. The digital solution enabled swift inductions, significantly reducing the time and effort required to bring all 15,500 UK site workers up to speed. Cala's management teams gained full visibility into the induction progress, tracking completion status and timelines for each site operative. With easy access to medical records, CSCS details, and qualifications stored within One.site, Cala effortlessly ensured compliance with necessary regulations and certifications. The centralised platform empowered Cala to efficiently manage on-site personnel, facilitating better coordination, optimised resource allocation, and improved productivity. These key results showcased the transformative impact of One.site, driving operational efficiency and streamlining workforce management for Cala.

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With 40+ years of experience, Cala Homes is a leading UK housebuilder known for craftsmanship, sustainability, and exquisite design. From luxurious apartments to spacious family houses, each Cala home reflects their commitment to quality. With a customer-centric approach, Cala Homes sets the benchmark for excellence in the homebuilding industry.
"One.site played a vital role in our site reopening process, enhancing the contractor induction experience and ensuring a smooth transition for all involved."

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