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Case study

Hopkins Homes' streamline Construction operations with UK Connect's I.T. Support Helpdesk

Revolutionising connectivity & technical support for Construction sites


Hopkins Homes, a renowned construction company, faced significant challenges in maintaining efficient connectivity and resolving technical issues across their construction sites. The reliance on traditional support processes and the absence of dedicated I.T. expertise led to prolonged response times, hindering productivity and impacting project timelines. Hopkins Homes needed a reliable I.T. Support Helpdesk solution to streamline their support operations and ensure seamless connectivity across all sites.


Swift issue resolution

With UK Connect's comprehensive I.T. Support Helpdesk solution, Hopkins Homes experienced a transformative improvement in Construction site efficiency.

Within the first year of the partnership, UK Connect's dedicated support team successfully handled a significant number of support tickets, swiftly resolving technical issues and ensuring uninterrupted Connectivity. Through proactive monitoring, timely maintenance, and efficient troubleshooting, UK Connect's I.T. Support Helpdesk solution optimised construction site operations and reduced downtime.

Peace of mind partnership

By leveraging UK Connect's expertise, Hopkins Homes benefited from streamlined support processes, prompt issue resolution, and enhanced connectivity. The partnership brought peace of mind, enabling Hopkins Homes' staff to focus on their core responsibilities while UK Connect took care of their I.T. infrastructure and support needs.

The seamless connectivity and reliable technical support empowered Hopkins Homes' teams to concentrate on their tasks, collaborate effectively, and meet project deadlines with confidence. The result was improved productivity, seamless collaboration, and efficient project execution.

Continuing reliance

Moving forward, Hopkins Homes continues to rely on UK Connect's I.T. Support Helpdesk solution as a crucial component of their construction site operations.

WAN uptime
365 days a year availability
Centralised helpdesk ticketing system
First-time resolution rate
Met or exceeded all SLAs each month
I.T. devices supported

About Hopkins Homes

Hopkins Homes, a leading construction company in the UK, boasts an impressive track record of delivering over 5,000 homes across the country. With over 30 years of experience, Hopkins Homes has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.
"Lauren, our outstanding Account Manager, has been instrumental in guiding us through the start-up process, and her ongoing communication is simply fantastic."

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