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Case study

Crest Nicholson protects business against costly WAN downtime with Cellular-based automatic failover

Ensuring seamless connectivity during crucial HQ transition times


Network downtime is bad for any business, but especially for a national FTSE 250 Housebuilder like Crest Nicholson. When Crest Nicholson relocated to a new headquarters, they faced a significant challenge to ensure 100% uptime. The necessary 1GB fibre line wouldn’t be installed in time to support the 300+ staff due to inhabit the new office space, risking operations and staff productivity. The I.T. team also needed a failover solution that would be easy to stand up and manage from anywhere.


Reaching out to a trusted partner

Crest Nicholson immediately contacted UK Connect, their trusted wireless connectivity specialist, knowing traditional fixed-line solutions would not be an alternative. UK Connect was tasked with providing a robust, speedy solution to avoid any operational disruptions.

Swift and strategic solution

UK Connect deployed its 5G Disaster Recovery broadband solution to address the imminent connectivity challenge at the new site. Three Cradlepoint W2005s were meticulously mounted to the roof, utilising non-penetrating roof mounts, followed by a comprehensive cellular spectrum analysis survey. This ensured optimal network selection and precise antenna alignment. The Cradlepoint E3000 router was employed to adeptly load-balance the cellular links, delivering over one Gbps connectivity, thereby maintaining a stable and reliable internet connection for the entire office and all users.

Ensuring future-proof Connectivity

Crest Nicholson required a steadfast Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, especially considering the challenges faced with fibre services in the area. Once the original fibre line was finally installed, three months later, Crest Nicholson instructed UK Connect to convert the temporary 5G pre-ethernet solution into a permanent, fully functional DR system. The Cradlepoint hardware, which Crest had already invested in, was seamlessly transitioned into this new role.

Guaranteed uptime

Now, the DR system from UK Connect and Cradlepoint actively monitors the fibre service, ensuring that in any instance of service interruption, it activates in under one second, ensuring 100% uptime for mission-critical applications and users.

24/7 Support and Alert System

Any network outage activates an alert to the UK Connect 24/7 Network Operations Centre based in Farnborough. The team is instantly informed of the outage and promptly informs Crest, enabling them to alert the fibre provider and manage communications and solutions effectively. In addition, they are also able to troubleshoot network failures and hardware issues without stepping on-site.


Through strategic foresight and adaptable technology, UK Connect ensured Crest Nicholson's move to its new headquarters did not inhibit its operations. The DR system provided initial necessary connectivity and evolved into a safeguard, assuring continuous connectivity in the event of future network disruptions.

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W2005 routers - Outdoor 5G adapter designed for mid-band cellular as primary or failover connectivity
E3000 router - 5G optimised, delivering scalable performance and services for all-wireless and hybrid-wired WAN networks

About Crest Nicholson

Crest Nicholson, proudly listed on the FTSE 250, is a leading UK housebuilder with a vast footprint across the UK. With a portfolio spanning diverse regional sites, their dedicated teams bring together expertise and innovation to create superior homes, making a lasting impact on communities nationwide.
“When we deployed UK Connect’s cellular broadband failover solution across our new Head Office site, the results were immediate. We experienced increased availability as we saw our network take over when the primary transport link went down.”

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